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Region 8 - Brent Panas
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Brent Panas,- County of San Diego

My name is Brent Panas; I am the Code Compliance Chief for the County of San Diego.  I began my career in Code Enforcement ten years ago working for the City of San Clemente and progressed towards working for the 5th largest jurisdiction in the USA, the County of San Diego.  I’ve seen a wide variety of violations and have used different and unusual techniques to gain compliance.  I’ve worked investigations with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and several other State agencies to gain compliance.  The California Association of Code Enforcement Officers (CACEO) has played a large role in helping me develop the skills that have made me successful.  It is now my turn to give back to the CACEO community.       

In my life, I have always started with the end in mind; this helps me focus on what I set out to accomplish.  Code Enforcement is a complicated profession within the Government.  As officers, we are often asked to find solutions for problems that others have failed at solving.  This requires officers to be versatile in their knowledge and experience.  We find ourselves wearing multiple hats in the course of our profession.  We are at times called on to be Planners, Engineers, Project Managers, Building Inspectors, Social Workers, Photographers, Paralegals, Lawyers, Research Analysts, Park Monitors, Community Organizers, and other professions.  What we are asked to be is not often reflected in our compensation and will be a focus for me if elected to the board. 

When Government looks to save money, often Code Enforcement is defunded to accommodate other areas of Government.  In my opinion, the reason Code Enforcement is targeted is due to the difficulty in quantifying the benefits of Code Enforcement.  When a Code Enforcement division is operating efficiently, you often do not hear from the communities they police.  By utilizing standardized outcome based performance measures to help quantify workload and identify needed resources, we can give our decision makers necessary information to make good budgetary decisions.  This involves more than metrics such as opened and closed cases but also includes identifying trends and using the metrics to show how they relate to bettering our communities.  It involves looking at incoming legislative bills and identifying the ones CACEO can support to benefit officers.  If elected I plan to help CACEO come up with a standardization of how Code Enforcement reports out its product.  This will help articulate Code Enforcement benefits to local officials.  With one voice, we accomplish more and increase chances to influence change.  This helps elevate the profile of Code Enforcement State wide. 

Education is also key to the success of our officers.  I think it is important we establish a training model that both leads to certification and helps members maintain a high level of understanding of Code Enforcement principals.  I am taking steps now to help bring CACEO classes to the County of San Diego.  I look forward to contributing to Region Eight with its efforts to network and unite Code Enforcement. I eagerly look forward to this chance to serve and thank you for your consideration.